Project description

GISA.connect is a technical data transport platform that operates flexibly and securely. The platform connects energy supply stakeholders, operators of renewable energy systems and IT service providers based on defined contractual relationships. Furthermore, GISA.connect squares IT services. Based on the preliminary work from the evaluation of the design for the platform as well as the production of a further demonstrator, the project adds missing components and features.

GISA.connect is a transfer project consisting of partial results of the research project EUMONIS. EUMONIS was executed by the University of Leipzig, the Institute for Applied Informatics (InfAI) and other industrial organizations such as Siemens.

GISA.connect was realized by InfAI and evermind GmbH on behalf of GISA GmbH. It is a completed project, which was divided into several phases. InfAI took over the analysis, design and implementation of the platform in this project. As mentioned, the results of the research project EUMONIS were used. InfAI was also responsible for supporting the platform until its successful launch and acquiring service providers.

Contact at InfAI

Martin Röbert
Martin Röbert

Phone: +49 341 229037 26