InfAI Series

The department of public relations is responsible for putting out publications on a regular basis such as the book series “Leipziger Beiträge zur Informtik” (Leipzig’s contribution to computer science). These book series include reports from research projects, editor’s volumes in the area of innovative and establishing research areas, habilitation thesises, dissertations, conference proceedings and outstanding student papers. The book series were established in 2003 by the Computer Science Association of Leipzig (Leipziger Informatik-Verband-LIV), which is a cooperation of several computer science institutions. The book series’ value lies in informing on a timely and in detail about finished or running scientific works and new research areas. The series presents an innovative variety of topics in the editor’s volumes next to the highly scientific habilitation thesises and dissertations. It also combines research relevant areas with practice-oriented technical articles and documentations. The different articles derive from Applied Informatics and Business Informatics. The main topics are operational information systems, content and knowledge management as well as IT-supported intra- and interorganisational cooperation via internet technologies. Due to its importance for the location, the service industry receives special attention. A particular focus is on IT relevant services. Individual volumes can be purchased at the institute on request. Please send your requests to Sandra Bartsch.