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Ausschreibungen (Calls)

Special Session on Design Science Research in the field of Collaborative Networks – PRO-VE‘ 2017

PRO-VE 2017 LogoPRO-VE’17 – 18th IFIP Working Conference on Virtual Enterprises

 Vicenza, ITALY
 September 18–20, 2017

Design Science Research (DSR) is a well-established research paradigm that intends to create useful artifacts while developing scientific knowledge about the design process, balancing relevance and rigor in applied research.Under the DSR paradigm a researcher (designer) answers questions relevant to individual/ organizational/ societal problems through the creation of innovative artifacts, simultaneously contributing to the scientific body.  […]

Call for Proposals for Tutorials / Workshops / Special- Sessions / Call for Industry and PhD symposium Papers – Web Intelligence 2017


IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence 2017 (WI’17)

 Leipzig, Germany
 August 23–26, 2017

The topics of Web Intelligence (WI) have received increasing interest in the past years. They comprise many fields, such as collective intelligence, data science, human-centric computing, knowledge management, and network science. WI‘17 aims to cover leading research that both deepens the understanding of computational, logical, cognitive, physical as well as business and social foundations of the future Web, and enables the development and application of intelligent technologies.  […]