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Nature, and all that it encompasses, has influenced computer science, in particular Artificial Intelligence, from its inception. Many effective tools, mechanisms, processes, algorithms, methods, and systems have been proposed inspired by nature. For example, Neural Networks are roughly inspired by the cognitive brain function, Genetic Algorithms are inspired by evolution and the survival of the fittest, and Artificial Immune Systems are inspired by their biological equivalents. Further examples include swarm or collective approaches, that are inspired by colonies of insects and birds. Current AI methods have the following weaknesses:



Adaptive Margin Ranking Loss for Knowledge Graph Embeddings via a Correntropy Objective Function

By , , , , |Juli 9th, 2019|

Abstract Translation-based embedding models have gained significant attention in link prediction tasks for knowledge graphs. TransE is the primary model among translation-based embeddings and is well-known for its low complexity and high efficiency. Therefore, most of the earlier works have modified the score function of the TransE approach in order to improve the performance of link prediction tasks. Nevertheless, proven theoretically and experimentally, the [...]

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