Given the association’s network with numerous important cooperation partners, a membership is highly desirable. Most of the collaborations with partners and clients from science, economy and industry have existed for years and show the association’s success that is backed and driven forward by its members. Members benefit from participating actively in the success and using synergetic effects.

Members can be:

  • appointed professors at the university of Leipzig or legal entities that wish to promote the aim of the association (exceptions can be requested).
  • full or supporting members as well as honorary members

To become a member, a membership application has to be sent to the Executive Board in written form. The Board decides about the application. Full and supporting members have to pay a membership fee. The amount is determined by the Executive Board.

The general meeting is the highest authority of the association. It takes place once a year and is convened and led by the Chairperson. Any eligible member is invited, independent of their voting right. This includes passive, supporting and honorary members.