Smart Meter Installation Management (SMIM)

SMIM stands for Smart Meter Installation Management.

It provides an end-to-end digital processing of assembly orders for the installation and maintenance of smart meters by means of a cloud-based back office application for the management of orders, devices and modules as well as by means of mobile applications for android and iOS devices.

As a consequence, software verification processes remove media breaks resulting from the former hand-written data collection and reduce potential for error. That’s how complex follow-on processes are prevented. SMIM is a result of the project: 10 000 smart meters for the region of Leipzig. In the project, the roll-out of numerous smart meters (terminated according to EU regulations) was tested. The project was conducted by the department of SEITS (SMART Energy IT Systems) of the Institute of Applied Sciences (InfAI) in cooperation with public utilities Leipziger Stadtwerke. InfAI analised the process to identify potential for optimization. By the targeted use of technology, not only process optimizations also potentials were identified. The digital order processing includes creating the order in the back office (e.g. via SAP system), distributing it to installers and finally completing the order. This process is realized by SMIM. SMIM consists of a middleware that allows the communication between mobile device and backend.

The result is platform independence in both directions. Several different backend systems (e.g. ERP systems such as SAP, Microsoft, etc.) can be connected and additionally all mobile platforms are covered. The development is based on the cross platform technology XAMARIN. This technology allows developing natively for Android, iOS and Windows Phone/10 without having to compromise on the lowest common denominator of other cross platform technologies (such as PhoneGap, Titanium, Appcelerator, etc.). XAMARIN proved to be the only productive cross platform tool.