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Project description

“Lehrerkolleg” (German for “teaching staff”) is a platform that supports teachers in their daily work and helps to improve their teaching. The basic functions include i.a. the creation and management of profiles. Furthermore, teachers can exchange experiences and knowledge. This is made possible due to an externally integrated service that brings colleagues together.

Teachers also have the opportunity to get feedback from the students about their lessons. For this purpose, the students are guided to a self-contained subsection of the platform where they answer predefined questions about the lessons. Teachers can then view extensive evaluations of the questionnaires (see picture).

“Lehrerkolleg” was developed on the basis of Ruby on Rails and uses in the front end Bootstrap and JQuery as core technologies. The platform is hosted on Heroku, using attachments to a PostgreSQL database and Amazon S3.

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Martin Röbert
Martin Röbert

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