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Project description

The project “Everyday Fitness Test” reviews of the everyday fitness of people aged 60 and over. For this purpose, the necessary data are determined and compared using a standardized test. Based on the individual strengths and weaknesses of the participants a personal training plan is created. The aim is to improve the everyday fitness and thus to ensure their health and a future independence.

The test was developed in the USA under the original title “Senior Fitness Test” and is already being used successfully. Studies prove the positive effects on the health of the participants. Initiated by the Marie-Luise and Ernst Becker Foundation from Cologne and the German Olympic Sports Confederation, this test is now to be established in German sports.

Sports clubs play an essential role in this. An online platform developed by the project’s supporters enables sports clubs to get to know the test. Short videos demonstrate the exercises for the participants. With these, sports clubs can conduct the test and record the results on the platform. Subsequently, the training plan of the participant can be improved accordingly.

The detailed exercises of the “Everyday Fitness Test” cover all relevant areas that are important for an independent future. They cover the strength of the arms and legs, the stamina, the mobility of the upper and lower body, and the skill. The results of the different tasks are compared with the results of participants of the same gender and age.

For the implementation of the software project, the Marie-Luise and Ernst Becker Foundation commissioned the Institute for Applied Computer Science (InfAI). Currently, the technologies Java, Grails and Spring MVC are used.

Contact at InfAI

Martin Röbert
Martin Röbert

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