Software Engineering for Business and Administration

The Chair of Software Development for Business and Administration concentrates on:

  • Generative software development
  • Software system families
  • Software product lines
  • Feature modelling
  • Software economy
  • Software visualisation
  • E-Assessment

To carry out the teaching and research activities, the chair has a Virtual Reality Laboratory at its disposal.

The chair of software development focuses on the following subject areas:

The research focuses on generative software development and software product lines, software economy as well as software visualisation in 3D and Virtual Reality.

Goals of the research department

The research aims to develop and provide methods and tools to better manage the complexity of software and its almost automatic creation (generative software development). The impacts on specific features of software economy are analysed in this context. Another aim is to make people, involved in software development, easier understand the diversity, quantity and complexity of software artefacts by visualizing software.
E-assessment is a highly focused research activity that aims to develop the field of electronic examination for the purpose of self-assessment and examination-on-demand, complementary to e-learning.

Prof. Dr. Eisenecker
Prof. Dr. Eisenecker

Working group leader:
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Eisenecker
Tel.: +49 341 97337 20