Image Processing with Generative Adversarial Networks Description


Multimodal knowledge graphs (MMKG) are getting a huge attraction from the AI community. Image is a modal which has a lot of hidden knowledge inside and is an old topic from the computer vision [...]

Image Processing with Generative Adversarial Networks Description2020-12-13T22:14:35+01:00

Geometric Neural Networks


Neural Networks have shown promising performance in various tasks including classification, regression and clustering. Performance of NNs depends on the underlying geometry they designed on. However, most NNs are designed while they are unaware [...]

Geometric Neural Networks2020-12-13T22:43:55+01:00

Applied Mathematics in Artificial Intelligence


We open an opportunity with our support for those computer scientists in the master level who have been a big fan of mathematics, however could not find a strong bridging of this knowledge and [...]

Applied Mathematics in Artificial Intelligence2020-12-13T22:44:24+01:00
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