InfAI initiates the AI-Hub Saxony

Artificial Intelligence is currently finding its way more and more from research into everyday life. Together with contributors from science, industry and public administration, the Institute for Applied Informatics (InfAI) is making it possible to integrate Artificial Intelligence into the respective departments with the initiative „AI-Hub – we bring AI into practice“. At the launch event in the Logistics Living Lab in Leipzig on 17.04.2019 17 supporters signed a statement, intending the AI-Hub to start working from summer 2019 onwards.

Andreas Heinecke, CEO of the InfAI, defines Artificial Intelligence as „an imitation of the human intelligence“. He further explains: „Humans can not be 100% imitated. However, AI technologies today are able to analyze large amounts of data and help people with individual work, such as analyzing privacy statements, controlling gas networks or maintaining machinery. “

The AI-Hub Saxony aims to simplify processes for companies, research institutes and public administration and to make them more efficient through Artificial Intelligence technologies.

The hub combines the skills of supporters from science and industry, and promotes the development of Artificial Intelligence. Thus, the hub also has a special significance for Saxony as a research and business location.

image source: Swen Reichhold

The initiative is sponsored by: Universität Leipzig, HTWK Hochschule für Technik, Wirtschaft und Kultur Leipzig, HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, HTW Dresden, Staatsbetrieb sächsische Informatik Dienste, Fraunhofer-Zentrum für Internationales Management und Wissensökonomie, Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung UFZ, Kompetenzzentrum Mittelstand 4.0 Chemnitz, AOK PLUS, ACOD GmbH, Mitteldeutsche Flughafen AG, IT Sonix GmbH, Avantgarde Labs, SpinLab Accelerator GmbH, Smart Infrastructure Hub Leipzig, Salt Solutions AG, Institut für Angewandte Informatik (InfAI) e.V.
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