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News (2016)

InfAI e.V. celebrates the 10th anniversary

It is a story of ongoing success, which the Institut for Applied Informatics (Inf AI) e.V. is celebrating with its tenth anniversary in 2016. Founded by professors from the University of Leipzig in 2006 with the purpose of promoting science and research in the fields of computer science and business computer science, the institute, as a recognized adjunct institute of the University of Leipzig, is a valued regional and national partner at the interface between information technology and Innovation.
Thereby, from its position as transfer institute and innovation engine of solutions based on current ICT technologies, the Inf AI always has remained true to its guiding principle, to strengthen and to empower competing companies. Continuously, the currently almost 100 scientists and employees of the institute work out new and innovative approaches together with reputable partners from research and industry in applied software research and transfer projects. Our employees should be explicitly thanked at this point for their previous commitment. At this point, the interested reader is directed to the descriptions of the various projects in fields like Big Data, E-Health, energy, logistics, Semantic Web and service technologies, which demonstrate the extensive skills and expertise of the institute. These success stories document the way in which the institute is developing a complete supply chain, from the development of innovative research results up to the transfer of knowledge to the economic sector, regionally and beyond.
As a transfer organisation, also in this year the Inf AI is organizing regular meetings, workshops, symposia and conferences in order to strengthen the exchange of excellent scholars, both among themselves as well as with industry. You are therefore, as well as to special events as part of our anniversary celebration year, cordially invited.
In this anniversary year, we want to thank all supporters and sponsors of our institute, the members of Inf AI as well as the University of Leipzig. Due to their manifold contribution in an unselfish manner, the Inf AI is allowed to continue writing its success story.

Dr. Kyrill Meyer
Managing Director of the Institut for Applied Informatics e.V.
January 2016


At the annual SEMANTiCS Conference, experts from academia and industry meet to discuss semantic computing, its benefits and future business implications. Since 2005, SEMANTiCS has been attracting the opinion leaders in semantic web and big data technology, ranging from information managers and software engineers, to commerce experts and business developers as well as researchers and IT architects, when it comes to defining the future of information technology. Read more!

JPEG 9 with lossless JPEG compression immediately available

The Independent JPEG Group (IJG) at the Leipzig Institute for Applied Informatics has released the new version of the software library „libjpeg“. This software library is the basis for the processing of images in the ubiquitous JPEG format and is used worldwide in a countless number of applications of software vendors and in the photographic industry.

It is available under a fee-free license with open source code. After 15 years of continuous development, the upgrade to the new version 9 enables for the first time an effective lossless image compression mode and thus offers end users and industrial adopters a high added value. The Code is ready for download at the IJG Development Site.

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