Orientation at the InfAI

The InfAI is mainly involved in managing third-party-funded, application-oriented research projects and executing project charters in collaboration with regional and supraregional organizations. In addition, the InfAI is concerned with fundamental application-oriented research in computer science, with the organization of events as well as with services in consultancy and placement.

Research Areas and Fields of Activity

  • Service-Oriented Architectures and Web Services
  • Semantic Web 
  • GRID-Based Service Computing and High Performance Computing
  • Component-Based Service Architectures
  • Service Factories
  • Service Modelling and Service Development processes
  • Capability-Based Service Workflows
  • Semantic Analysis of Unstructured Information Sources
  • Text Mining
  • IT in Business Information Systems, Provision of Services, Finances, Organizations, Process Modelling and Implementation, Logistics, Energy
  • Advanced Product Engineering Techniques for IT-Services such as Media Services, Internet Services, Financial Services, eGovernment, eLearning and eScience Services
  • Knowledge and Content Management for Business Systems (Enterprise Information Integration)
  • System Integration for Complex Applications (Integration Engineering)
  • Business Information Systems and their Management
  • Software Product Lines und Software System Families
  • Software Factories
  • Methods for the Generation of Code und Non-Code Artefacts in Software Engineering
  • Software Economics (Rate Computation, Licensing in the Context of Software Families)
  • Model-Driven Software Engineering
  • Software Processes
  • Distributed and Mobile Business Processes
  • Value-Oriented Software Engineering
  • Online Marketing
  • eCommerce Standards, Architectures and Applications
  • Business Models in eCommerce

The research areas above are subject to regular changes depending on the scientific and technical state of the art.

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