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Organizational Chart

PDF DocumentHere you can find a structural presentation of the InfAI-Institute.

Organization Structure

Extracts from the InfAI Statute and the Bylaws:

Research Areas and Projects

  • For organizational purposes all research projects conducted at the InfAI are managed as such and assigned to a respective research area of the InfAI.
  • Research areas are organizational units, which conduct research projects on their own authority. A research project is a project which is conducted within a research area under the head of a project leader who is, if necessary, responsible on his or her own for services, human resources and finances.
  • A research area is established on application of at least one InfAI member. The constitution of a research area requires the acceptance and commencement of at least one research project in this area.
  • The member/s who make an application will be in charge of this research area and function as a director or directors of the institute. Only members can apply for directorship of a research area. The director/s can entrust an employee, who serves in an academic management role, with the execution of current administrative and academic tasks (departmental head).
  • Research projects serve:
    1. to support and execute interdisciplinary-oriented projects at and with the University of Leipzig, as well as to assist in the direct knowledge transfer; projects are thus conducted by the InfAI with one or more external partners;
    2. internal research; as such, projects can be conducted prior to, after or in association with other research projects;
    3. to provide practical evidence of the feasibility of the concepts and approaches developed at the InfAI.


  • Appointed professors of the University of Leipzig or juridical persons, who wish to promote the purpose of the association, can become members. Exceptions can be made on application. The Executive Board decides on the written application for the acceptance of a member.
  • The association :
    1. regular members
    2. supporting members
    3. honorary members
  • There will be a fee for regular and supporting members. This membership fee is set by the Executive Board.

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the highest body of the association; a regular general meeting takes place once a year. The chairman will convene and supervise this annual meeting.

Executive Board and Management

The Executive Board is in charge of the business affairs of the association und is elected by the General Assembly. In the execution of its tasks the board is supported by the management. The Executive Board delegates the operative business completely to the management and regularly controls its activities.

Advisory Board

  • The InfAI can authorize an advisory board of up to seven persons, who are not members of the Inf AI and who are appointed on the proposal of the Executive Board by the General Assembly.
  • Executive Board, Advisory Board and management convene jointly, particularly to accept the report of the Executive Board on the lapsed fiscal year.
  • The Advisory Board advises the Executive Board in the following matters:
    1. in the InfAIs policymaking regarding its science and research politics and regarding its medium- and long-term research programs,
    2. in the generation of research, expansion and finance plans,
    3. in the writing of the budget,
    4. in questions of investment and human resource politics,
    5. in the specification of the key for the distribution of grants for internal research,
    6. in policy questions on how to use the central infrastructure and investments, as well as 
    7. with regard to guidelines to be issued in this respect.

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